[Public-List] galley pumps

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at alberg30.org
Mon Oct 5 05:02:56 PDT 2009

I've discovered a way to "recondition" the rubber part of this pump. 
The problem was that the rubber cup was not making a seal against the 
sides of the pump wall.  I took the cup out and turned it inside out for 
an hour.  After setting it right again and reinstalling, the pump works. 
  We'll see how long that does the trick.

  - George

George Dinwiddie wrote:
> Wonderful!  Just to be clear, this is the plastic model 
> (http://bit.ly/47r5hU) rather than those gorgeous brass ones.
> Though if I can't get the rebuild kit, maybe that's an excuse to get a 
> beautiful pump? ;-)  Shhh, don't tell Gail.
>  - George
> Gordon Laco wrote:
>> I supply those George - I will see how quickly I can get one for you.
>> Stand by please
>> Gord
>> On 27-Sep-09, at 8:28 PM, George Dinwiddie wrote:
>>> Just discovered late today that the galley pump (Fynspray rocker 
>>> type) isn't pumping.  Local stores are closed, but a google for a 
>>> rebuild kit isn't turning up much.  West Marine shows it out of 
>>> stock, online. Fawcett's web site is down.
>>> The Wild Goose Chase is coming up quickly, and I'll be out of town 
>>> all week.  I wonder if I need to order a new pump, or if these kits 
>>> are still available.  Anyone know?

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