[Public-List] canadian regatta

J Bergquist jbergqui at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 14:42:36 PDT 2009

Could I see a show of hands who is planning on doing the canadian regatta?

Just FYI, we currently have 5 High Point qualifiers. If the following
people do Canadians, they will also qualify:


Which would get us 10 qualifiers...a pretty strong showing for our
fleet this year.

This event is free and very well organized. Last year was a ton of fun
with great parties and great racing too (thanks to the organizers
Larry Morris, Mike Meinhold, and Tim Williams). Remember this is a
team event so you should find a partner.

My current scratch list is:

Williams (Tim)
Williams (TC)
Canadian boat #1 (Rinn Duin)
Canadian boat #2 (Skybird)

Which is 11 boats. So unless I have made an error it's already
guaranteed to be our strongest event of the year. If we get Cole and
Palmer, who are on the fence, we will get to 13 boats. I would love to
see Adelman make it although I have heard they have a conflicting

I will be available to clean bottoms on Thursday and Friday afternoon
before the event (I bought my own SCUBA gear because I got sick of
dealing with divers). My rate will be $50 to clean your bottom, unless
it is heavily fouled (more than 1/2" of solid growth) in which case
the rate will be $65. So if any of you want to have your bottoms
cleaned by me, please send me an e-mail off-list.

Hope to see you all at PSA next weekend!

Kind regards,

J Bergquist

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