[Public-List] For those liking a good read

Don Campbell dk.campbell at sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 3 06:01:57 PST 2010

I have just read the book The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake by 
Samuel Bawlf (ISBN 10-1-55365-041-7 Pbk) Douglas and McIntyre,2003. It 
is a fascinating yarn about Drakes nautical adventures in the last 30 
years of the sixteenth Century and his trip to Alaska on the way to his 
circumnavigation of the world. His mapping of the American Pacific west 
coast is better than Cooks or Vancouver's so those of you who live and 
sail off Washington State might really enjoy this book.
    (For out of print and hard to find books, especially those that 
might border on scientific titles, I find alibris.com to be as good as 
it gets.)
Don #528

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