[Public-List] Ventilation of engine space (smelly cabin)

John Birch Sunstone at cogeco.ca
Mon Dec 13 13:45:07 PST 2010

Hi Greg,

I did some work on the same situation on Sunstone this year, its an A-37 
MkI, but the principle is the same.

My vents are on the after deck, I installed a Nicro Day/Night solar vent 
where the old exhaust cowl is and set it to exhaust. I left the high 
capacity exhaust fan in the hosing and if I want  can turn on the blower at 
will. All it will do is spin the Solar Vent fan faster.

Having a diesel, I haven't run the fan much as there is no exhaust fumes 
inside the boat. But is there if necessary.

The boat smells much sweeter below since doing that.

I also put a second Nicro Day/Night solar vent on exhaust into the top of 
the lazerette hatch and drilled two 3 1/2" holes (one on each aft bulkhead), 
at the cockpit lockers to the lazerette, to eliminate the mildew problems of 
poor air circulation.

Again, success - The boat smells much sweeter below since doing that and the 
mildew issue is gone.

Just a suggestion



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>I had Ayla out idling about the harbor last night to watch the annual 
> of Lights here in San Diego and there was a noticeable engine smell down
> below. It doesn't seem like an exhaust leak. She has a Yanmar 2GM.
> Ayla is a preliner boat and there is no ventilation of the engine
> compartment that I can see. There are two scoops on the aft deck with ~3"
> hose led to the port and starboard lazerettes. The aft lazerette doesn't
> have any ventilation either.
> I'm thinking about:
> 1. Remove the hose for the port lazerette.
> 2. Install a 12V squirrel cage fan between the aft and port lazerettes.
> 3. Add some 2" to 3" holes connecting the port lazerette to the engine
> space.
> 4. Add some 2" to 3" holes connecting the starboard lazerette to the 
> engine
>    space.
> Ideally this would draw air in from one of the scoops, circulate it 
> through
> the lockers and engine compartment, and exhaust it out the other scoop.
> How have other folks solved this problem?
> Thanks,
> Greg
> S/V Ayla
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