[Public-List] Alberg 30 rudder question?

Chris L chrissport21 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 31 15:33:01 PST 2010

I guess I ask because well this boat is clearly way older then I am and I have seen a few rudders online both made out of wood and foam. The one made from Foam the guy was actually able to call Fos foam I think is the name and rebuild it which was a really nice read. I guess I ask because the person I know felt very strong about these rudders failing now I don't know if he heard this from someone or what. So i figured i'd ask. I'm here to learn what is a joke and what isn't. For the price of these sailboats I think it would make a perfect first sailboat and just want to do the best I can to educate myself when or if I ever find one near me. I have found stories and watched the video of the guy taking his around the world.This is a boat I really want to learn more about.


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> Hi, Chris,
> On 12/31/10 3:45 PM, Chris L wrote:
> >
> > Hi, My name is Chris I'm from Covington Louisiana and am interested
> > in learning as much as I can about the alberg 30's. I have a friend
> > who has said many good things about the Alberg 30's just one thing he
> > did point out with buying a alberg 30 being pretty old the rudder was
> > the one thing he was concerned about and am curious can these rudders
> > be rebuilt or can a brand new one be made?? I've been doing lots and
> > lots of reading on the alberg30.org website and have learned so much
> > already but the rudder thing is one thing I'd really like to know
> > about. I've done search online and found others who have made rudders
> > for sailboats but nothing about an alberg. This would be my first
> > sailboat I have ever owned if I could find one near me at a good
> > price.
> Yes, it's possible to build a new rudder, though most boats won't need 
> it.  There's a page on the web site about the various types of rudders 
> (under the maintenance section).
> Why the particular concern about rudders?
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