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Sorry - meant to say "heel"

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I was sailing in the Bay yesterday afternoon - nice breeze of about 12
knots.  We were heading south towards Annapolis when I noticed the boat
ahead of us was knocked down.  Before I could reduce sail (no reef and
the full genoa out), we were hit by a 24 knot gust.  The boat healed (as
it usually does), and wanted to head up.  I pulled hard on the tiller
and headed down until the gust subsided.  My wife lost her drink (and
composure), and my 5 kids were yelling "do that again".  I think we
reached a heal angle of 32 degrees - the leeward rail was well under
water.  My questions are:
How far can an Alberg heel over before steering is lost?

Is heading down the right course of action? (I was told to leave the
sheets alone by a J-30 captain - just head off hard).

Jon Budington
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