[Public-List] Michael --- little things add up.

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Well put.  Glad you took my rant as intended in good humour. 
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Very true what you said.  I am the type that will paint the boat, replace 
the engine, paint the interior, and still have a broken drawer or little 
cleats that snag the Genny and just live with them.  Have you been talking 
with my wife? LOL These little annoying things are very annoying when you 
are trying to do a project and every time you go to the drawer to get a tool 
to fix something ELSE you say ahh this drawer is broken how annoying. 
------- at Mike wow that sounds like a very fun ride with the shoot up in high 
winds.  If you feel that you are being safe it is fun to push things a 
little every now and then. 
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