[Public-List] A30 Trailer

Don Lang potatosailor at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 1 11:03:19 PDT 2010

Is there anyone on the west coast that is interested in buying a trailer?
I plan to launch my boat from Frisco or Diego this winter and sail her to 
If someone is interested in a trailer I will put one together to haul the boat 
It will have all new axles, brakes, wheels on it, two 6K axles; we build em 
This will not be a junk unit with mobile home axles, but a good serviceable unit 
capable of long distance hauling.
If no one is interested in a trailer I will not bother building it and pay a 
trucker to haul the boat instead.
I would prefer to drive it west myself as part of my ongoing "saga" (that's why 
I bought my truck) and would give someone a great deal on the trailer, basically 
what it cost me to put it together....and perhaps the truck too if interested.
I won't need em once she fetches the west coast :-D
Cheers, Don 


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