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You must be referring to the remarkable five-fingered coral which was discussed at length on this site a few months ago.  Thanks to you, I (and probably several other A30-ers) now realize that the discussion was probably all nonsense.  Anyhow, one-size-fits-all gloves never seem to fit me...




Trois Bouleaux #319


P.s.: The water in Georgian Bay sloshed away from the Bruce Peninsula over the blustery Labour Day weekend, leaving perhaps a couple of feet (ca. 20%) less water depth under our keel overnight at anchor in Wingfield Basin.  It was noticed with the hand lead and dog walking on the shore.


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> RE: "I carry a pair (of work gloves) for anchoring":
> What kind of bottom conditions provide the best holding for work gloves?
> I'm thinking they would grab nicely onto coral and not damage it when
> weighing anchors.
> (sorry David, and everyone, couldn't resist)
> Roger 148 


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