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Hi Don, 

Having built a trailer for #133 in 2001 I would urge you to install Dexter Torflex axle units. These can be purchased with a 20 degree up angle which significantly lowers the loaded center of gravity. The keel of #133 is about 13" off the pavement when loaded. I used two 6K axles and this has worked well for me, but I tow her empty NOT fully provisioned. Total weight of my trailer and #133 is 11,640 lbs. The safety value is about 20% so two 6K axles can safely carry 14,400 lbs. That is according to the engineers, duh! 

Share your design with us I would like to compare it with mine. I designed a lift off trailer only because I felt that it was too risky and likely impossible  to try and ramp launch an Alberg 30. 

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It would have a transferable title. 
I estimate I can build it for between $3,500 -$4,500 depending on what extras I 
rig it with. 
That's  with all new components with the exception of two items I've owned for a   
while; an electric trailer winch & a utility box that would be  bolted onto the 

That's using two 7k Dexter axles (a fellow A30 owner pointed out 6K was to close 
to maxing the rig out  so I upped them) complete with electric brake wheel 
assemblies, EZ lube  hub kits, equalizers, 235 80/16 radials, breakaway kit, 
fenders, jack,  led lights and markers, 2-5/16 hitch assembly. Standard A-frame 
construction with mast support. Primed  trailer painted with Phantom black gloss 
paint (Mercruisers paint, very  tough and durable, the stuff is amazing). 
Comparable trailers from Triad or sailtrailers.com go  for double that and up 
depending on the extras package. 
I'm not  building this one for profit, my labor is free this round. I'm happy to   
get the boat to the coast and recover a chunk of what I would have paid a   
commercial hauler and call it good. 
When  I take my boat to the coast I will have a travel lift remove her from  the 
trailer so the trailer will have never seen salt water. 
The truck is a 1997 3/4 ton dodge ram 2wd with a turbocharged Cummings diesel, 
A/C, electric brake and tow  package. Price is negotiable, looking for fair 
market value. 

Noteworthy; the 3/4 ton can tow more than a one ton, a one ton can carry more 
but tow less. 
here's a picture of the truck 

Cheers, Don 

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