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Just got back from the boats, had to flip the row boat and put the kayak
under because T-storm on the way.  Now enjoying it on the deck w/ summer
tarp/canopy over; computer getting a little wet but needs a bath anyway.

Checked head stay pin.  It is 1/2” in diameter (Gord always right) and
1-1/4" long not including the head which is 1" in diameter.  Just for yucks,
the spinnaker halyard pin (forward and a little bit above head stay pin) is
1/4" in diameter has a 1/2” head diameter.

Mine is bait number 148.

Hope this helps,



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Congrats on third especially with a partial season.

Ten years without mast problems, now that's reliability.  Could be a follow
up to that famous book "Ten Years Before the Mast" renamed, "Ten Years OFF
the Mast."  Or in my case, with the mast off the boat for almost ten years,
"Ten Years BESIDE the Mast."  Since my mast is only 3' off the ground and a
mile from the house, I would be happy to measure the pin size this evening
and let you know.

Roger 148    


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