[Public-List] Hand cranking an Atomic 4

David Tessier dfjtessier at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 16 13:42:01 PDT 2010

Heavy (-ish) work gloves offer some protection in the case of getting whacked (on the nands) with hard fast-moving objects such as hammers, hatchets and engine starting cranks...

I carry a pair for anchoring.



Trois Bouleaux #319

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> That all sounds like good advice. I can see that if the engine backfired
> the dissengage facility in the handle wouldn't work, and the thing could
> give a bad spin in the wrong direction. I see the sense in the upward pull
> you describe... That way if the engine gives a bang in the wrong way one's
> hand is already moving away and is more likely to be missed if the crank
> does a revolution backward.
> I am glad to have the handle as a back up, but I will treat it with great
> respect.


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