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Last year I ran into an interesting problem with an Atomic 4 not firing although all the conditions were met, or so it seemed.
Cutting right to the chase, although the point gap was set correctly, the shaft (axle) of the points was not seated in the hole of the breaker plate, but was adjacent to it and the base of the points assembly was bent when the screw was tightened. The 'fix' was to flatten the points assembly base with 'duck bill' pliers and re-assemble and adjust the point gap. Simple fix, but it took many hours to finally figure it out.
On another occasion, the points on an outboard engine were gaped correctly and looked good to the eye, but would not spark repeatedly due to some oxidation, invisible to the naked eye, on  the surface of the contacts. 
Bottom line, change the points, even though they look o.k.

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 Thank you George, Mike and John for your initial advice. I have tried to follow 
it. I also ordered a new coil, points, condenser and distributer cap from 
Moyers. The only thing we didn’t change where the points although we measured 
the gap and checked their condition. They looked and seemed to function 
perfectly when we rotated the engine. In removing the old coil I discovered that 
the wire into the coil was badly corroded. It fell apart when I removed it. I 
then ordered a complete set of wires from Moyers. I expected that this would 
quickly solve my problem. They finally arrived on Friday and Sunday, I and a 
friend of mine replaced the coil and the wire to the distributer. To our 
surprise the engine did not fire. We then tested all the current flows in all 
the wires??? There is electricity to the coil but we can’t get either the wire 
from the coil or the spark plugs to spark. We are missing something somewhere, 
but we can’t figure what it is. It seems that we might need a Devine 
Intervention or one of the Alberg members to help us figure it out?? I am also 
trying to get a mechanic with some experience out to take a look. The ignition 
system is so basic how can it not work??????? We were already late getting into 
the water this year and the way it is going we will be ready to sail by winter??

Thanks in advance for your help!

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