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I went through the same routine with Boat US and a surveyor breaking an
appointment at the last minute. I finally went with Progressive for
liability only at about the same rate as Boat US but with no survey

Roy Jarnagin
Southern Serenity #72

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Good Morning Fellow Alberg Owners,

Well I just finishing buying boat 412 (1971) from Tom S here on the list.  I
went to Kentucky to see it - fell in love and convinced him to trailer it
here for sale.  He and a friend did a great job getting it up here (Flag

Now I'm starting to get a little tight. The amounts I allocated, for
transport, USCG transfer, a years slip, state taxes, and bottom painting are
paid. My son and I got the bottom painted with two coats of Micron CSC and
she is looking good.  I'm told I need insurance by the marina which is fine
- Boat US quotes $334 for the Chesapeake but now - Boat US wants a new
marine survey.  I tried Allstate as Tom had insurance with them but they
would not insure a boat that old.  Hey coming from a 52 year old - forty is
not that old!

Anyway the marine surveyor in my area wants $450 for a survey ($15 per ft)
and just broke an appointment for tomorrow morning.  So I'm out a days leave
as well.  I won't name names with the guilty party but when I break an
appointment with less then a days notice - well what's new there eh?   Even
the cable guy does it. Anyway, US Boat has a liability only coverage but
even then wants a survey.

So any recommendations?  Reasonable surveys?  Good insurers?  Somebody that
is all in one?

Thanks - if I'm solvent enough after all this my next check will be to join
the Association.

Dave Glotfelty (and son Kevin)  
owners of Shadowfax  BRANDYWINE, MD 
( As soon as the USCG sends back the docs & makes it official - Hull 412.
Feel free to add to the spreadsheet )

PS - Thanks for all the good paint advice too!
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