[Public-List] foredeck compression, (and bedding deck hardware)

mahseer at kos.net mahseer at kos.net
Wed Jan 19 14:00:26 PST 2011

One method told to me but not tried is to bevel the top of the hole add a
circle of 4200 or equivalent then loosely install, allow sealant to cure
then do a final tightening.  This appears to work by making an "O" ring
around the bolt by not fully tightening down, I would also not turn the
bolt but just the nylon nut to make sure the bond at the threads is not

John Boor
> I guess Gord's point was that the epoxy sleeve technique was also
> necessary
> to keep water out, something I thought could be accomplished by slightly
> beveling the top of the hole and putting an appropriately sized "O" ring
> around the bolt shaft and under the fitting base so it gets compressed and
> seals the top of the hole in the deck.
> I thought it logical to have some flexible compressed stuff at the only
> place where water could get in.  Unfortunately, what in my mind is not
> only
> logical but elegant, occasionally dosen't pass the beta test.  What to do
> now?  Whatever I do, I am going to buy one of those non invasive moisture
> meters (http://www.instrumart.com/Product.aspx?ProductID=17799) and keep
> checking for moisture around my deck fittings; heck, everywhere.
> Roger 148


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