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Richard Hughes rjhughes at shaw.ca
Thu Oct 13 10:16:48 PDT 2011

Thanks again Michael, I bought from George this morning, so sorry to say you 
can remove me from your group order.

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Orderprogressing...............Owners with Diesel engines please take note!


Perhaps you should contact George Mathis @ georage at hotmail.com . George had 
a new but old stock RDS aluminum tank for sale. Dimensions were 34" L by 15" 
H by 8.75 W at top and 5.75" W at bottom. This would be something less than 
18 gallons. I checked with RDS and they now offer an aluminum 20 gal wedge 
tank #59166 with dimensions 361/2" L x 19" H x 8" top and 6" bottom. Mfg. to 
order $375.62 F.O.B. I passed on purchasing Georges tank because I decided 
against installing a metal tank. If George still has his available he was 
asking $250.00 plus shipping. The duty to Canada would be less because the 
tank could be considered used.

I will keep you posted on my progress with Moeller and Defender.



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