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About a gazillion years ago, after getting fed up with the flipper pumps in 
the galley, I decided to buy one of these and install it. I figured it would 
only last a few years before it needed to be replaced and that was over 20 
years ago! (hear me knocking on wood). It was $29.95 pump & faucet then (now 
$100). It works great...not a pressurized system, rather water on demand. 
Every boat that I have ever been on with a pressurized system, there is 
always an pressure leak somewhere, and in the middle of the night you hear 
the pump cycle periodically...not with this, because it is not pressurized. 
FWIW, I clean and sanitize my tank every year, change the supply lines about 
every 8 years and have good drinkable water from my tank. I also have a 
charcoal filter in-line which gets a new element every year and I am careful 
where I get my water.


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I'm in the process of replacing the Fynspray flipper
pumps in the galley with a foot pump. The problem
I have is finding a faucet or spout that does not
have a tap. Whale makes one, but it's pretty small
with minimal clearance over the sink. I've tried
looking in hardware stores, they all cost a fair
chunk of change, even by boat standards and come
with taps, which I don't need.

Any suggestions?

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