[Public-List] Rudder Zinc

Clayton Zimmerman cb_zimmerman at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 19 19:17:20 PDT 2012

Hello all, quick question as I prepare for a weekend camping out in the boatyard and working on Tanager #349. Tanager has a sloppy rudder which I've tracked down to the rudder boot. Kirk on Salsa shared his great advice on how he fixed his rudder and I'm looking to do the same. The question is are the round zincs on the fin of the rudder somehow electrically connected to the brass fittings on the rudder? My thought is to use a teflon bearing/bushing pressed into the rudder boot. It would be sacrificial and eventually need replacement, but would save the rudder pin from further wearing. However if that zinc is critical, I've also just electrically isolated the boot and fear it will corrode away. Mind you, there is also a zinc on the prop shaft. Appreciate the great knowledge of this forum,
ClaytonS/V TanagerSan Francisco, CA (Newly relocated)www.optimisticwanderings.tumblr.com

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