[Public-List] worm type hose clamps

gordon white gewhite at crosslink.net
Sun Oct 28 07:24:20 PDT 2012

     Well, those tangential worm-screw hose clamps have an 
impeccablegenealogy. They were invented in Britain in 1923 by the I. 
Robinson Company under the "Jubilee" name. The first customer was 
Rolls-Royce, so you know the originals were well-made.

      In the U.S. we were still using more pedestrian hose clamps, of 
which the Witteck Company's "Noc-Out" brand was the best-known, in 
factWittek sponsoredIndianapolis racing cars known as the "Noc-Out Hose 
Clamp Specials" between 1940 and 1947.

     Floyd Davis and Mauri Rose co-drove the winning car in  1941 as the 
"Noc-Out Hose Clamp Special,"

     But the "Jubilee" hose clamp came to the U.S,in 1943 as equipment 
on the Rolls-Royce designed water-cooled Merlin V-12 aircraft engine 
used in the P-51 Mustang fighter. Packard built Merlins here under 
license and had to have such hose clamps made inthe U.S. They were 
mil-spec AN-748.

Race car builder  Frank Kurtis adopted the Jubilee clamps after WWII 
because millions were available in surplus from North American Aviation, 
among others.

I suspect that mil-spec (aircraft quality) clamps will do pretty well on 
our boats.

  - Gordon White

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