[Public-List] Warning about bulb pump in Atomic 4 fuel line

chris123 chris.herrnberger at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 12:46:12 PDT 2012

FYI....West ordered a recall on many of these for that exact reason. The
newer ones are fine but checked and kept an eye on. Water and fuel to the
engine shoukd be off even if overnighting. The water pump bearing can fail
with a teaspoon of water contaminating the oil as there is direct access to
the sump. Happened to me in Cape May. Don diagnosed it on thr phone. A week
later and 1500 poorer I was off. And I did the work....)
Daniel Sternglass <dans at stmktg.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Don Moyer recommends an outboard-type squeeze bulb in the Atomic-4 fuel
> line, and I have found it useful for pressurizing the system to check
> for leaks, etc. I mounted it between secured segments of fuel line, with
> very little hose force on the bulb. However, yesterday, when I turned on
> the fuel valve, I found that it dripped fuel because one of the nipples
> had broken. Luckily, just starting this year, I am in the habit of
> turning off the fuel valve when I leave the boat (after my float got stuck).
> It seems that just one season of vibration caused this failure. So at
> this point, unless I find a bulb that will accept brass nipples, I'll
> live without it. I would recommend that anyone with a plastic bulb of
> this sort, especially in a gas line, keep a very close eye on it.
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