[Public-List] Rudder stops and stern tubes, circumnavigations, and a Paul Vibert update

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Sorry to hear about Paul's bad luck. Hope that he is alright. 


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Thanks for all the info, The stern tube is already back in with good ol' 5200 again, I'm not worried, would be a fun project to try and glass the inside considering I have a fuel tank under the cockpit sole, I can't even reach the aft most hose clamp on the stuffing box without reaching in with a wrench.  As for my prop, I think it is a 12", I remember it was one inch smaller than what I read on here was the largest possible diameter.  Its about 1" from the cutlass bearing housing and not even enough room to put on one of those thinish doughnut zincs without grinding it a bit first.  The engine is a Kubota 3cy 18hp marinized by universal and called an M-320 I think.  I'll put a photo up when I get a chance. 

Regarding Circumnavigations, I've mostly kept quiet during the recent discussions even though I'm a faithful reader of the list.  A few things I'll point out.  I'm fairly certain, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but to the best of my knowledge (and I have done as much research as possible online) Yevs is the only one who has ever circumnavigated in an A30.  References to "that guy in the 80's" I'm pretty sure is a reference to Yevs again, on a side note he was dismasted during his attempt, that will be relevant in a moment,  not that I feel my (attempt) is much of a comparison considering that his was intended to be a non-stop voyage.   I have often joked to myself and others that I will be the first and only A30 to circumnavigate with the stick intact, but it was always in jest.  Now it seems even more likely, as I have some bad news. 

I logged onto facebook and saw Paul Vibert online to my surprise when his post only 3 days prior said "Tonight is the eve of my departure from Mauritius...The intention is to sail direct to Durban, South Africa".  So I messaged him and he said "I congratulated myself too early.  Rolled to 120 degrees and dismasted.  Made it safe to Reunion I. and am looking for a fix." The next message is garbled and a little unclear as he was using a french keyboard but when I asked him what failed he said "All stqys were intact qnd no chainplates failed.  The mast was broken _ 
feet above the deck.  I struggled for 4 hrs with a fractured wrist - 
happened earlier- but the wrope snapped and it dropped in 6000 feet".  Anyway I do hate to be the bearer of bad news but thought those following him would want to know about his situation.  I asked him if there was anything he could use help with and said he might need some dimensions but otherwise he had a lead on some kind of a temporary mast I assume.   

 -Kirk, S/V Salsa #504, still in Trinidad, and still confident about my rig but it does make you think about it as I just about to head out on another 1000NM passage.   

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