[Public-List] Babying our boats

Daniel Sternglass dans at stmktg.com
Thu Sep 27 12:41:39 PDT 2012

I sail my 1966 boat mostly on an inland lake (Cayuga Lake in NY State), 
so the wind is not often as strong as Chesapeake Bay and other bays. 
Having said that, I live for the chance to sail the boat "rail down" 
with water coming over the rails and even the coamings, even though I 
know it not the fastest trim.

I am pretty confident of the strength of the standing rigging, having 
replaced the chainplate bolts and inspecting the rigging and chainplates 
every year. But I suppose one never knows what the ultimate load, 
especially shock-load, will be on a nearly 50-year old boat. Having said 
that, and hopefully not by way if tempting the boat gods, I will 
continue doing this whenever I can, which is probably less than 10 hours 
a year in my case.

--Dan Sternglass
Watcher of the Skies, #201, 1966, Cayuga Lake, Ithaca, NY

dans at stmktg.com
mobile: +1607-592-8012

Strategic Marketing Associates
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Ithaca, NY 14850


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