[Public-List] Props catching seaweed - distance from bearing to prop

John Boor mahseer at kos.net
Sat Sep 29 05:01:21 PDT 2012

It should be between 1 & 1.5 X the Dia of the prop shaft.  mine was set at
1X the dia

John Boor

> Hi everyone,
> Quick question, how much space is there between the outside edge of
> your boat's cutlass bearing and the front of the prop hub?
> I'm considering getting rid of my Campbell Sailor prop, due to the
> fact that it is always wrapped with seaweed. We'll go from 5 knots to
> 2 knots and the vibration is maddening. I can't motor for an hour
> without needing to stop and run in reverse a few times to try and free
> it up.
> I thought it must be something specific to the prop, perhaps because
> it is so small and tucked behind the keel deadwood in the rudder
> aperture, but I've read many other people use this same prop in
> similar full-keel configurations without issue.
> So what makes this setup such a seaweed magnet?? Too much space
> between the bearing and hub?
> See:
> https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-HtlO8CP49Wk/TAuL7Fnh1EI/AAAAAAAAEzM/TMWtazwd4A0/s640/IMG_5733.JPG
> I never had an issue with the old prop setup (large blades):
> https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-KorB6HLgpH4/S6fKmJTw-jI/AAAAAAAAEro/t25Wbd5GW08/s640/Cutlass-earing-018.jpg
> Note that when the boat was in the water, I had a shaft zinc just in
> front of the old prop.
> I'm wondering if it would help to put a shaft zinc in front of the CS
> prop? since this is where the seaweed tends to collect.
> I'm open to any suggestions. I don't really want to buy a new prop,
> but this is maddening!!
> --
> Jeffrey Fongemie
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