[Public-List] Electric power.

Richard Mair ramair49 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 13 12:40:05 PDT 2013

I did not really price a diesel but I do not think there is a large up
front difference  in cost.
You have to add the  cost of batteries and chargers as well as the solar
panels. That being said I would not change back. The only disadvantage is
range. This I  took care  of with a Honda 1000 gen.
If you need to motor a long distance you will need to go slow.
Now the good. Docking is much improved. We changed to a 13*12  3 blade prop
to take advantage of the system. We can run for 8 hours at 3+ knots in
calm. We run two battery banks in series  parallel totaling 200 amp hours.
We have a small house battery with its own solar panel and two more panels
charging the traction pack. There is a 48-12 converter that can charge the
house. Under way by sail power you will not run out of power. At 4.5 knots
the regen makes enough power to run the radar and still put some into  the
We went with the Electric Yacht 100ibl system and love  it. Have  had it
doing 5 knots  using about 75 amps. The system is good for 100 amps so
there is probably another. 2.
Feel free to ask any questions and we can go off list if we bore too many
Richard 609.

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