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Jonathan Budington jon at globalprinting.com
Thu Jul 11 08:29:10 PDT 2013

I had that problem on Nimble.  I ended up refastening the original
boards with screws and epoxy.  One of the stringers rotted (water from
the ice box I assume).  I cut off the rot and replaced with marine
plywood.  I then used 1/4 teak and holly plywood to cover the old floor.
One coat of epoxy and 4 coats of varnish, and it looks great.  It's held
up well.

Check out the link below to see some pictures of the project:


Jon Budington

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Has anyone replaced the floorboards in the main cabin? Mine are loose
except where they go under the facing boards going into the head. Any
ideas or experience welcome.


Randy   Marisel #385

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