[Public-List] A4 engine news

John Boor mahseer at kos.net
Thu Jul 18 05:10:48 PDT 2013

One more solution to add to the many options for low RPM's.

John Boor

> Hello friends,
> We went racing last night as usual.... On the way back in, motoring
> against
> a fairly stiff head wind because one of my crew members had to get ashore
> sooner than later, SURPRISE¹s A4 was doing what it¹s been doing for some
> time this summer; namely running smoothly but without the power to drive
> her
> when the throttle was opened.
> I was thinking about fuel flow, dirty air filter, loss of compression, all
> the things expensive and not, that might cause a loss of power.
> I gave the helm to one of the guys, dropped down into the cabin and opened
> the engine¹s covers. Noticed the throttle lever didn¹t seem  to be much
> advanced.  I pulled on it and found it very stiff.   I disconnected the
> Teleflex cable at the throttle and instantly the engine picked up with a
> roar.
> Presto ­ problem found.  The Teleflex cable is stiff.   I¹d noticed for
> some
> time it seemed to be getting stiff up in the cockpit, but the change was
> so
> gradual I hadn¹t understood that it had reached the point where it wasn¹t
> moving the lever on the carb properly.
> The same thing happened to the cable actuating the gear shift a few years
> ago ­ lubricating the cable where it came out of the sheath with
> penetrating
> oil resolved the issue.  I¹ll do the same with the throttle.
> Phew.
> Gord
> #426 Surprise
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