[Public-List] V berth water tank

Richard Mair ramair49 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 27 04:03:26 PDT 2013

Good info George. I may add one of those. We use a seagull pure system
which claims to remove bacteria. Got this when going offshore and not
knowing what the water quality would be. Expensive replacement filters so
qe only put cooking and drinking water thru it. All other water use
bypasses it and I will go looking for a hardware store filter when we get
back to Toronto.
On 2013-07-26 6:20 PM, "George Dinwiddie" <gdinwiddie at alberg30.org> wrote:

> Richard,
> On 7/26/13 5:09 PM, Richard Mair wrote:
>> I did recoat the gel with a food grade gel and we drink the water after it
>> goed thru a charlcoal filter that claims to remmove 99.9% of everything.
>> Needs a pressure pump to push water thru it, foot pump not enough. Liner
>> boat but same principle.
> We use a hardware-store charcoal filter and have no problem getting water
> through it with the hand pump. It's sucking the water, not pushing it. And
> when it gets hard to do, I know the filter needs changing.
>  - George
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