[Public-List] Mast beam-- photos of a repair

Randy Katz randy.katz50 at gmail.com
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Greetings, All,

   The repairs I did were typical-- see photos and description at the
Alberg website at

    Concern over the doors not closing initiated my interest in making this
fix. It wasn't too complicated and has held steady since: the doors have
fit consistently since the repair, and it's nice to have them functioning.

Randy Katz
Bellingham, Seattle

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> Glenn
> You may not like the appearance of the aluminum sister plates...but they
> have never failed. We have had boats racing in 50 knot winds with large
> waves and driving hard without a beam failure once the beams have been
> properly reinforced.
> On all of the boats the bulkheads support the beam and the deck, the
> vertical oak pieces along the bulkheads are stiffeners that prevent the
> bulkheads from buckling under high loads. The main problem is the beam is
> not well supported under the aft end and the mast sits on the aft side of
> the beam which causes the beam to twist back. The solution to this is to
> add
> knees to the existing oak supports to prevent the twisting.
> On the liner boats the problem is a bit different. I you carefully inspect
> the bottom of the bulkhead you will see that is rests on the floor liner
> and
> there is not adequate support under the floor. This is the problem that
> George mentioned in an earlier post on this subject. Adding extra support
> under the floor to transfer the load to the hull solves this.
> One main problem with ALL the boats is the bolts that Whitby used are 1/4"
> threaded all the way to the head of the bolt. These bolts were used on the
> chainplates and the main beam. When these old bolts are removed they are
> often bent, especially the main beam bolts. They should ALL be replaced
> with
> 5/16" shoulder bolts. The increase in strength is almost 3x because of the
> increase in diameter and especially because of the shoulder.
> I don't think push the sag out of a beam in the liner boats, but you can
> stop its progress.
> ~~~_/)_/)~~ Mike Lehman ~~_/)~~~

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