[Public-List] Two things I learned in my late launch

Daniel Sternglass dans at stmktg.com
Fri Jun 21 10:13:12 PDT 2013


Two things I never experienced or noticed in previous years:

(1) I replaced the chainplate bolts with 5/16" shanked bolts many years 
ago. I visually "inspected" them every year. This year, I went to see if 
the nuts were tight when one of the shroud chainplates showed a small 
gap to the bulkhead. Particularly on the 6 chainplates for the shrouds, 
some of the bolts were as much as _2 turns_ from fully tight. There were 
plenty of threads sticking through the nuts and they "looked" fine, but 
tightness should be checked. Backstay nuts similarly loose, forepeak 
nuts only turned a fraction of a turn, not really loose. All had lock 

(2) When the A-4 engine stopped running twice after a few minutes each 
time, the second time after rapping on the float bowl, I assumed it was 
the float or the pump. Tracing through the fuel system, it turned out 
that last year's Racor water separator was plugged. I had ordered a new 
one, but it had not arrived yet.

--Dan S.
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