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I built 4 plywood Sabot dinghies (stitch n glue method) and used gunnel
guard (1inch 3/4 round stuff). They tow, row and sail well. Also weigh
about 55-65 lbs) If you wonder why I built 4 of them, it is because 3
other folks wanted one after they saw how mine worked. "Cheap" compared
to a Hypalon or PVC dinghy. Each one has its merits...
No rotten gunnels after 10 years of service. (dinghies were encapsulated
with epoxy and polyurethane paint)
The gunnel guard uses closed cell foam beneath an abrasive resistant

Expensive, but works and lasts well.
Often seen on nice wooden clinker built dinghies...

Also seen recycled fire hose used for this task as well!

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What do people use to keep their dinghies from scratching their hulls?
I've used pipe insulation, covered over with blue sunbrella. It works
very well, and looks pretty nice, but it traps a lot of water next to
wood, rotting out the gunwales.

Any thoughts?


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