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See http://www.alberg30.org/maintenance/disorganized/LazyJacks.png for 
my original diagram and some thoughts I've had since then.

My lazy jacks to up to blocks on either side of the mast and then down 
to cleats that already existed. When not in use, I slack these lines and 
hook the lazy jacks under the pin where the handcrank goes for the old 
aroung-the-boom roller furling, and then pull tight. These do no hold 
securely, but do well enough that I've never gotten around to doing 
something better.

  - George

On 8/30/14 11:13 AM, Michael Connolly via Public-List wrote:
> Mike and Jim,
> I am interested in Lazy Jacks with three lines on each side of the main which are only deployed when needed, i.e., only when lowering the mainsail. I see them as a pain in the butt when sailing and raising the main.  Could either of you guys explain how yours are rigged and stowed?
> Thanks,
> Michael #133
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>     For my lazy Jacks, I go out on the spreader a bit for the upper
>     blocks.  I also lead them down to the deck on the forward side of the
>     mast so I can slack them down and secure them to the boom when the
>     cover is on or raising the sail.
> Jim Davis
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> Chris,
> Lazy jacks are a big help, even when they're just jury-rigged like mine.
> The one part I've done permanently--mounting blocks to the mast--is
> something I'd do differently. Sometimes the main halyard catches on one
> of the blocks. I'm considering ways to mount blocks at the mounting
> point of the aft lower shrouds. On our low-aspect rigs, I don't think
> you need lazy jacks that go higher than the spreaders.
>    - George
> On 8/29/14 11:04 AM, MARTHA WIDING via Public-List wrote:
>> Hi I was wondering about lazy jacks or the best system to reef and store the m
> ain sail. Thanks for the in put chris

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