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Personally, I don't envision a large disaster due to automotive ignition 
failure, even on the beltway. The difference is that I can walk away if 
my car stalls.

Perhaps I should carry spare head gaskets on the boat.

  - George

On 10/13/14 10:15 AM, Meinhold, Mike J. via Public-List wrote:
> I guess I pictured a larger disaster - a many car pileup and death
> and injury. The point is not choosing one over the other, but saying
> if you accept the risk and consequences of driving with EI, why not
> accept the lower risk and lesser consequences of sailing with EI.
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> I gotta say I would much rather deal with an ignition failure on the
> beltway, rather than trying to keep my boat off the rocks.
> My 2 cents
> Larry
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> Larry
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>> On Oct 10, 2014, at 6:49 AM, "Meinhold, Mike J. via Public-List" <public-list at lists.alberg30.org> wrote:
>> Interesting discussion of risk and mitigations.
>> Self-reliance is an important philosophy for me also, but it has
>> limits.  An  impeller failure shuts down your engine though not as
>> fast as ignition failure. You mitigate this risk by changing your
>> impeller sufficiently often, but you cannot eliminate it. The
>> ignitor has a very high "mean-time-between-fallure" that justifies
>> changing it out at engine overhaul periods perhaps. Belts,
>> condenser, plug wires, alternator are all similar- spares and
>> regular replacement are all you can do..
>> The electronic ignition in my car sees much more use and many more
>> critical situations than the one in my boat.   if the ignition
>> failed in the car  while driving 65 MPH in the center lane of the
>> DC beltway I think the result would be more disastrous then going
>> up on the rocks in the boat.  If it is low enough risk and effect
>> for the car, is it not low enough risk and effect for the boat?
>> Maybe it's the other way round and driving is even riskier than I
>> thought!
>> Mike
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>> Hello all,
>> Seems to me this maybe is a philosophical decision.  Sailors, due
>> to the nature of what they do, strive for self reliance.  Do you as
>> captain wish to retain as much ability to get yourself out of a fix
>> as possible or are you looking for low or no maintenance?
>> Same goes for the dripless stuffing box seals. Usually when they
>> fail they can't be adjusted or fixed to keep the water out.
>> Whereas the traditional stuffing box can be usually be fooled with
>> to keep the boat from taking on water.
>> I also am in firm belief that installing fool proof, no
>> maintenance, not requiring service components on a boat is inviting
>> laziness.  The captain may get some false sense of security and
>> fail to perform his regular maintenance/inspection schedule.
>> According to "Murphy" your ignition system, whether points or
>> electronic, will fail when most needed, e.g., blowing onto a lee
>> shore, etc., fill in your own tight situation.
>> Having a spare set of points or electronic module is not going to
>> keep you off the rocks. Hopefully you have good ground tackle
>> aboard to deploy.
>> I really believe the decision depends on what type of sailing you
>> do and where you sail. How able you are to make the repair and to
>> the degree you wish keep on top of regular maintenance and be self
>> sufficient?
>> I installed electronic ignition on a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle it
>> worked fine. It may have been an improvement but it was not a
>> panacea for any ignition problems.
>> My two cents,
>> Michael #133 Lorrie Rose
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>> I have been looking at electronic igition for my old style Alberg
>> engine and will appreciate any comments on the advantages and/or
>> disadvantages of making this change.  For example is it more
>> reliable and what do you do if it fails?
>> Bill Newman
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