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Glenn Brooks via Public-List public-list at lists.alberg30.org
Sun Sep 28 09:21:52 PDT 2014

I am just getting ready to remount my engine mounts to steel flanges bolted to fiberglass bed built up on the hull.

I have moved two of the steel flanges1/4" to starboard to provide more room for aligning the shaft, however this leaves a 1/4" gap between the vertical part of the flanges and the fiberglass bed.  

Wondering what I should fill this gap with? The flanges need to fit flush against the bed to provide additional stability I think, hence I should build up the gap to bed the flanges.

30 years ago whoever re powered the boat appears to have used some kind of hardened filler - similar to  bondo, but not as hard and rigid.  The old stuff came off in pliable chunks with a chisel and boat knife. The material is jot the same as the old gray putty used by Whitby. 

Thanks much
Glenn B.
Dolce 318

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