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You could consider sailrite - they will bend the frames to your measurements and send them to you, cut into appropriate length pieces, which get re-assembled.

Alternatively, I have bent SS tubing from metal supermarket successfully using a home made pipe bender.  It is possible a bender for conduit would work (about $80 from Lowes).  The problem with this is that you need to bend to the right angle the FIRST time - no real second chances, but the cost isn't unreasonable to buy enough pipe to learn on.  You could also consider starting with metal conduit to get the angles/learning right, then move to SS.  It is just that SS is MUCH harder and the spring back amount is different.  If the conduit bender doesn't give you enough leverage, I would guess that putting a pipe over the handle to form an 8' handle would work.  I have a spare piece of pipe at home and the conduit bender, so let me know and I can try and let you know if the conduit bender is strong enough to manage the SS.

After you have the frame built, then there are lots of instructions on how to make the covering.  Basically you tape a cover together out of rolls of pattern paper, then cut along the tape lines and use the paper as a pattern for your dodger.


On Wednesday, September 10, 2014 10:20:18 AM, Jeffrey via Public-List <public-list at lists.alberg30.org> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'd love to have a dodger for my boat, but the cost makes my hart stop.
I've just been quoted $4800 for a dodger!

Anyone have dodger frame they would be willing to part with? I may try to
make my own.


Seagrass. #116
Boothbay Harbor, Maine



Jeffrey Fongemie

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