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I added a bimini years ago and on the hot sunny days, my bald head greatly
appreciates the addition.  It really is a lifesaver.

I think I bought it at Overtons and believe it was just over $ 300.00.  It
may be sacrilege, but it was probably designed for a powerboat.  I think
aesthetics are important and it looks fine when up.

When set up, it just fits under the boom.  In fact when setting up, I have
to release the main sheet and swing the boom out to unfold the bimini.
 Once up, the boom is an inch or so above the bimini.  I am 5' 10" and can
just stand under it.  If you are 6' + it may be more problematic.

I'll see if I can snap a pic for you and send it.



On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 4:18 PM, James Allocco via Public-List <
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> Fellow Albergers,
> I have enjoyed the discussions about dodgers. I first installed mine around
> 1992 for probably les than $1000. Two years ago I had the canvass replaced
> for about $700.  I don't need it as much in NC, especially when day sailing
> but I wouldn't be without one when we cruised Lake Ontario.
> What I would appreciate having in this warmer climate
>   is a bimini. I never looked into one beause I always felt there was too
> little head room below the boom and that the end boom sheeting would be a
> problem.
> Has anyone added a bimini to their Alberg. If so is it effective in keeping
> the sun off the cockpit.
> As always thanks to everyone for making this list so invaluable.
> Jim Allocco
> Barchetta Mia #565
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