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Greetings, Glenn, and thanks for your response to this bit of discussion.

You've investigated the drains question more thoroughly than I, that's for
sure. Good to know what you've figured and have learned from the surveyors.

The comment about the drains going to a wye was from someone else. I don't
know about that.

Another separate aspect relating to water in the cockpit that I figured
would be problematic with my current set up has to do with the exposed
engine instrument panel. It's behind plastic about 10" above the sole, but
is obviously not waterproof. The thought of seawater getting in there is
not pleasant, but I know that in my case such an event is extremely
unlikely. And deluges of rain haven't been a problem in the last 12 years,


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Randy, first, there is very little chance you are going to get pooped.
 the design has proven itself to be much more than an inland waters
racer/weekender. True, one could rebuild the deck and eliminate the cockpit
etc. however, the four Alberg  singlehanders who have circumnavigated
haven't reported any difficulty clearing water from the cockpit, including
two boats that were rolled- with the existing 1" drains.  If you look at
other ocean voyaging boats of this class,  the usual drain fittings are
only either 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" inches. So you would only gain max 30% more
flow rate if you replaced the existing drains. Above that you would have to
go to 2" drains- which is what my 63' ketch had.

I didn't follow your initial post very clearly, but seem to remember
something about  deck drains feeding down to a Wye?  Dolce only had this
arrangement only for the cockpit lid drains - which I ripped out and
glassed closed when the rubber tubing eventually rotted away.  The actual
floor drains lead separately to individual thru hulls - one port, one
starboard of the engine.

As a side note, I've had thee very experienced, senior, marine surveyors
here in the PNW look specifically at the drains and cockpit/lazarettes over
the years, and all three have said the existing drains are adequate for
offshore work.  What people don't realize is that if you get pooped,  the
water gets sloshed out over the sides on the next wave, not drained out the
bottom.  The only comment two of the surveyors made was that the cockpit
lids were inadequate. Skinny little sheet of plywood covered with teak
strips is marginal.  I eventually replaced the lids with solid teak hatchs,
reinforced with cross bars of teak on the bottom, and secured with two
latches each hatch. The third, most recent surveyor thought that was
overkill, but liked the setup.


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