[Public-List] Sorry about that but starting to plan haul out!

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Tue Sep 15 06:38:10 PDT 2015

Hello all,

It is a first season with our Alberg and we have very much enjoyed the boat and the lifestyle and got to adopt the old girl (Avoca 322) as ours!  Amazing the amount of compliments an Alberg gets over a summer!  But all good things come to an end and I have started planning the haul out (another first for me)!  On the boat there are stickers and black dots affixed to the sheer that appear to identify lift points (as the stickers say lift) for travel lift or crane.  One point is aft of the rudder, basically under the lazarette portion of the keel starting at the rear of the cockpit.  The other is at the front close to forward shroud area, none for under the keel which seems to be the preferred lift point based on searching the archives.  I had issues with the keel splitting at the forefoot last winter (fixed hopefully) so would really prefer to support the keel if at all possible.  

My question is basically, where do you set the straps to lift the boat with minimum stresses to the hull. 

Our marina is hiring our a crane for the haul out and I’m really clueless on adjustment to spreaders and harness to lift out the boat but there is also a travel lift at an another marina close by.

So again I turn to you accumulated knowledge and wisdom for input on how you go about your haul out!

Thank you very much.



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