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On 9/8/15 10:38 AM, John Brugeman via Public-List wrote:
> I have an exhaust problem.  I have Alberg #305 (1968) with the water
> injected muffler in the aft lazaret.  Not sure what you call that
> type of muffler.  This whole system is probably original to the boat
> as I am only the second owner.  The tube that runs from the engine to
> the muffler is broken just before it enters the muffler.  Maybe an
> inch or two before.  This whole unit is wrapped of course.  What is
> the tubing made of and what is the diameter of the tubing? The
> muffler itself seems to be fine.  Also as the exhaust exits the boat
> I'm getting white smoke (probably what seems to be steam).  What
> would be causing that and is that normal? Are there fittings along
> the tube anywhere between the engine and the muffler?  Is the water
> entering the muffler from the engine water pump or from a separate
> pump?  I would probably replace the exhaust hose and the water hose
> at the same time.  I know this is a lot of questions but any
> suggestions or answers would be greatly appreciated before I tackle
> this job.

The original exhaust systems were the standpipe systems 
to my knowledge.

My muffler is in the port locker, and I use an exhaust made of 1-1/4" 
pipe (http://alberg30.org/maintenance/MechanicalPropulsion/Exhaust/). 
I've used both black iron and red brass pipe, and the red brass lasts a 
lot longer. I'm told that they may leak, but I use RectorSeal pipe dope 
and haven't had a problem. That also means I don't need to live with 
whatever angle results in a tight fit of the tapered pipe threads.

The water is the engine cooling water. It cools the exhaust and the 
exhaust flushes it out of the boat. If you're getting steam coming out 
the exhaust, it likely means that there's water seeping into the 
cylinders, or the engine is running hot because of insufficient flow.

  - George

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