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"Had not considered that might happen when the lines to the galley and the
head are full of water from use."

Loops rising higher than the rise from the thru-hull to the raw water pump
might address the issue.  But God help us if those loops lost the water in
them, then it would be much easier to pull air from the head or the galley.

Thank you.   Good to have folks here with much more experience to save us
newbies from possibly horrible mistakes.


On Tue, Sep 22, 2015 at 8:27 AM, Jonathan Bresler <262alberg30 at gmail.com>

> George,
> Thank you.  Drawing air in place of water would be bad.  Had not
> considered that might happen when the lines to the galley and the head are
> full of water from use.  Air would be bad indeed.  Not much cooling would
> be going on there.
> I misspoke regarding the cockpit thruhulls.  Those I do leave open.  They
> are the only ones that I leave open.  Another reason to close and open the
> engine raw water intake each time, is that it nearly forces me to look into
> the bilge, give the engine an enquiring glance, and then I feel, I might as
> well, check the oil and cooling water levels each time.  In short, it
> creates a situation in which I have to choose not to do these checks in
> place of having to choose to open the engine box and then do the checks.
>  Perhaps I overstate the matter....might be the effect of reading too much
> about behavioral economics.
> Jonathan
> On Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 9:03 PM, George Dinwiddie <gdinwiddie at alberg30.org
> > wrote:
>> Jonathan,
>> On 9/21/15 5:12 PM, Jonathan Bresler via Public-List wrote:
>>> Stephen,
>>> As you mentioned, the 1/2" thru-hulls are quite a piece of work.
>>> "Whitby did a lot of things over the years to keep the cost of the Alberg
>>> 30 affordable. Perhaps the *worst thing was to make their own half-inch
>>> through-hulls*. They took half of a pipe nipple and peened it over a
>>> fender
>>> washer. While this seems like a mechanically sound construction at
>>> first, a
>>> little corrosion can make this fall apart into the two pieces.
>>> Fortunately
>>> my boat was on land when it did so. I put a wrench on the engine intake
>>> valve and the pipe nipple pulled through the hull with no apparent
>>> effort.
>>> I had been *that close* to sinking all season."
>>> Was looking at #262 recently, thinking about thru-hulls, and noticing the
>>> 1/2" fresh water line that runs from the tank under the v-berth to the
>>> head
>>> and the sink, and got to wondering.  Why do we have have three 1/2"
>>> thru-hulls?   We have one for the engine and not two feet away, one for
>>> the
>>> galley, and another that is closer to the engine raw water thru-hull than
>>> the fresh water tank is to the galley.
>>> Seems that we could eliminate two...in particular the one in the galley
>>> and
>>> the head by extending a line from the engine raw water thru-hull to the
>>> galley and the head.  That line could be flexible fiber/cord reinforced
>>> plastic.  The long run of hose would be from the engine thru-hull to the
>>> head.  That run could be inside a piece of schedule 40 PVC to protect the
>>> hose from whatever might be under the port settee.
>> I would not want to tee into the engine intake. It's too likely that the
>> engine would start drawing air from one of the other hoses instead of
>> pulling in seawater.
>>> To date, since May 17th this year ;), I have closed all thru-hulls every
>>> time I leave the boat.  I open each as needed.  When not needed all
>>> thru-hulls are closed.  Would have to open the single thru-hull at the
>>> engine anytime I wanted to use the head or the sea water galley pump.
>>> Perhaps that is not too high a price to pay for eliminating two holes in
>>> the boat.
>> Perhaps I'm lazier than you, but I would not want to pull up the
>> floorboard over the batteries and bend way down there every time I wanted
>> to pump the head. Then again, I wouldn't want to open the engine intake as
>> part of every time I start the engine when I'm cruising.
>> I do leave the cockpit/scupper throughhulls open all the time. I've had
>> enough problems with rainwater when these clog with leaves. I wouldn't want
>> them to be generally closed.
>>  - George
>>> Considering this as one of this winter's projects.
>>> Thoughts ?
>>> Jonathan.....owner newbie!
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