[Public-List] Bleeding the coolant system on a Universal diesel?

Randy Katz via Public-List public-list at lists.alberg30.org
Sat Apr 2 08:36:59 PDT 2016

Greetings, Albergers,

I'm in a pickle. Just replaced the new-cleaned heat exchanger (it had
significant bits of pencil zinc after 10 years), checked the thermostat,
refilled the coolant, started it up, and now it appears to be overheating.

I understand that this is a very common problem and that it's necessary to
bleed, or "burp," the system in order to get rid of air bubbles.

Does anyone have experience doing this on a Universal diesel? (M 3-20B)
I've tried the little bleed screw right on top of the thermostat housing,
but that doesn't seem to work. After running for 10-15 min. I can feel the
engine hoses, housing--all over--and nothing seems that hot. Maybe around
the thermostat a bit.

Some people recommend bleeding by opening the hose connection underneath
the thermostat housing by way of burping or releasing air.

But what the heck--it's not yet working.

Any thoughts?


Randy Katz
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