[Public-List] V-Berth Shelving

Stephen gwyn via Public-List public-list at lists.alberg30.org
Wed Apr 20 12:55:12 PDT 2016


I'm not convinced the shelves are structural, at least on a liner
boat. Or at least on my boat (#495). There's a single bit of
glass tape. The wood is attached to the tape with pop rivets.
Maybe there was a bond between the glass and the wood
at one point, but 40 years of wet/dry expansion/contraction
cycling have killed it. Polyester to wood is only temporary.

The forward lower knees are not integrated with the shelves,
again not on my boat at least.

There is a longitudinal stiffener in the liner. It's the triangular
shelf thing which forms the edge of the under-berth compartment
of the V-berth, the support for the shelves in the cupboards,
the bottom of the compartment behind the seats in the main
cabin, and the not-very-useful shelf in the cockpit lockers.


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