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Hi all, 
My two cents with a two blade prop. I would lock it aligned behind the deadwood.  Also, I am forever indebted to David Terrel for teaching me and illustrating each time we went sailing how to hove-to the boat. This is a bit of seamanship all sailors should know. Alberg 30 will do it with jib or both main and jib up. 
Once hove-to the boat slowly drifts to leeward on a diagonal. If you have the sea room you can take a nap or use the head.  Remember to hove-to on Starboard tack so you have the right of way, cuz you are still sailing. 
Once in this configuration it would be easy on the tranny to get out of gear, and start the engine, lower the sails at your leisure and motor off. For the same reason I like to fix my tiller while moored or docked.................. I would lock the shaft. Why put the unnecessary ware on those components? This is what I see under the lifted stone. 

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Several years ago Yanmar issued a document stating that the engine should be left in neutral while sailing. The reason, with the boat moving and the shaft locked in gear by the drag against the prop (especially three bladed props) owners were damaging their gear boxes trying to force them back into neutral so they could start their engines. Of course another solution would be to drop the sails before starting the engine but many people like to know the engine is running before dropping their sails. When I bought my boat it came with a Yanmar diesel and a three bladed prop and the previous owner suggested keeping the engine in gear while sailing and since I am always single handed I often started the engine before dropping the sails and it sometimes took a lot of effort to get the engine out of gear, enough that I could understand possibly damaging the gearbox doing so. I hated the three bladed prop and changed back to a two bladed prop and I  leave the engine in neutral while 
  sailing. I  have not noticed the two bladed prop turning (the three bladed prop certainly did) so perhaps it is just parking its self behind the keel. 

I  will search for the Yanmar document but I  do not have it saved. 

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