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On 8/14/16 5:25 PM, Hernán Scarnichia via Public-List wrote:
> Thanks for the advice everyone, you are saving me a good deal of trial and
> error.
> I will get 5/16 line instead of 1/4. I did not find any with polypro core
> and polyester sheath. what line would you recommend? NE Ropes Flight Line
> looks good but expensive.
> Gord, what fitting did you use to attach the downhaul to the front of the
> mast?
> Jonathan, on the boats that you have seen not using tweakers, are they
> using a separate guy and sheet per side?
> I don't have any spinnaker experience but thought these were needed when
> using single sheets (as opposed to dedicated sheets/guys) for controlling
> the spinnaker on jibes and to change the lead when the sheet becomes the
> guy?

The only A30 I've seen racing with tweakers or twingers or whatever 
they're called is Second 2 Nun. I don't know that Harry still uses them.

When gybing, the spinnaker should be dead downwind when the pole is 
shifted. Unhook the pole from the mast, shove it out to catch the old 
sheet/new guy, unhook it from the old guy/new sheet, and shove it out to 
clip onto the mast. This is often called an end-for-end gybe, and is 
different from the dip-pole gybe generally used on the bigger boats.

Try it in slow motion until you get the hang of it.

  - George

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