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On dinghy's, which are a bit different, because the only ballast is the skipper/crew, Twings are very useful in controlling the typical symmetrical spinnaker. In fact I would say they are necessary. Most dinghy's don't employ spinnaker pole down hauls just topping lifts and the Twings act to prevent poles from skying. Some dinghy's employ guy hooks but the Twings are better because they allow for more adjustment and from a remote location. When overpowered in a dinghy flying a spinnaker, quick deployment of both Twings can choke and reduce the power of the spinnaker so it can more safely be doused before a crash. 

As folks have noted an Alberg 30 is a different animal. Kinda like sailing in slow motion as compared to a dinghy. The main difference is the tremendous fixed ballast, plus the Alberg 30 is more forgiving, bless her. I have never raced on an Alberg 30 with Twings fitted. Doesn't mean they can't be added. 

Another option is if you attach the spinnaker pole to the clue/eye of the bowline or just to the guy line. If the pole is fixed from moving up and down the guy line because it is fixed to the clue or eye of the guy bowline and you utilize both a topping lift and either a fore guy or a down haul then you essentially have the same control as a Twing, well sort of. 

I agree with most on this list. KISS ...............keep it simple stupid!.............until you get the hang of it. Practice your sets and douses in light air until you get proficient. Better yet go on board with someone who fly's a kite and practice with them. 

Michael #133 

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Thank you again for sharing your experience with this list. 
I will start with the simplest set-up with a vang-like downhaul to the base 
of the mast and no tweakers. I do not race so simple is good. 

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