[Public-List] Possible trade: I36 for A30...?

Kurt R via Public-List public-list at lists.alberg30.org
Thu Aug 25 16:24:24 PDT 2016

Hello all -

A lifelong fan of the various Alberg designs, I purchased my first, an
Ariel, back in '04, and lived aboard her for almost 10 years, never
"falling out of love" with her. But then, about 1.5 years ago, I happened
into one of those "almost too good to be true" offers, and 'upgraded' to an
Islander Yachts I36. Big jump! :) Nice boat with a good reputation, they've
been singlehanded circumnavigated via the Southern Capes and more. I like
the boat a lot, yet have determined that it is just too much boat for me,
more than I really want or need, so I am looking to downsize.

Preferentially, I am looking at various boats designed by The Swede;
CD27-31, A30, B27, Triton - you get the drift. I prefer those built
late60's/early 70's. The B29 is also a contender, if I run across one
(Halsey drew a nice line, too)...

I'm looking to see if there might be someone with whom I can make a trade
for a boat in similar shape/of similar value, in lieu of selling and
re-buying. Low end on the I36's is upper teens/20K, but we all know that a
dollar is not how you can judge a boat. So - I have a vessel with a good
motor (Perkins 4.108, fires up immediately), a decent main and jib, and the
usual working gear. In essence, coastwise competent right now, and with
some work and prep, capable of an offshore voyage. That's what I would be
looking for in a trade.

Anyone here with a growing family that is looking for a little more cabin
space? (With 11' of beam, the I36 is *giant* compared to my Ariel. :) )
Someone looking for a slightly larger vessel, for whatever reason?
If so and you are interested, get in touch and we can swap pictures and
particulars, maybe strike up a deal.
My email is sailorkurt _ gmail.com, you know where the @ goes. :)
The boat is lying Georgetown, SC, and I am living aboard.

Thanks for your time!

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