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What is the year and hull number of your boat?

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Hi all,

Let me start with a few words of introduction: Since last September I own Skye Mist, one of the last Alberg 30's built and located in California (San Francisco Bay). She has been well-cared for but there were numerous unfinished projects (and there still are). For example, she did not have an engine (but came with MD7A that I installed). She also had some weird plumbing issues and when I hauled her in the spring I replaced all the thru-hulls. I am glad I did: the engine inlet kind of fell apart when I pulled it out. I read here that this is a somewhat common problem.

In any case, this list has been a great tool and now that I am on the next project, I am finally introducing myself. It is not that I am shy, but I am pretty far away from most other Alberg 30 owners.

I decided that the next big project should be another safety project: replacing the standing rigging. Besides one bend stud it does not look bad, but it is swaged and no one knows how old it is. A fair guestimate is 10 years. The upper shrouds are covered by a plastic tube (which promotes corrosion). Lastly, summers are very windy here. All in all, there is no way I can talk myself out of doing this project.

I decided to order everything through Rigging Only (unless someone has a better suggestion) and will go for the Sta-Lok mechanical terminals. I will take down the mast at a local boat yard, check the masts, take the old shrouds and stays off, build the new ones, attach them, etc etc. I want to order everything beforehand.

So here is my question: after doing some measurements with the aid of the halyards I think I have the number of feet for the wires (with a generous number of "security" length). I decided to replace also the turnbuckles, and, (obviously) need forks and eyes. Below is my list of items that I want to order. The question is: Am I missing anything (besides the sealant, which I do not think is sold by Rigging Only)?

Wire (1x19)

84' of 3/16

151' of ¼

Turnbuckles (open body), Body and Lower Jaw

4 of 3/8

4 of ½


4 of 3/16 wire (and 3/8 RH)

4 of ¼ wire (and ½ RH)


4 of 3/16 wire (x 5/16 pin)

2 of ¼ wire (x 7/16 pin)


2 of ¼ wire (x 3/8 pin)

Of course, any suggestions are welcome as well!

Thank you so much!



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