[Public-List] New Owner for an old Alberg 30

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Welcome, Skeep,

On 7/7/16 7:41 AM, Bill McCoy via Public-List wrote:
> Greetings.  I am just about to receive my Alberg 30 coming in from
> Nova Scotia, a well cared-for vessel and fine owners of 15 years.  I
> have recently sold my last Alberg darling, a Cape Dory Typhoon (
> http://baggywrinkles.blogspot.com ), and will continue the tradition
> via this blog and in this Association which I have recently joined.

Congratulations on your new boat. What's the name and hull number?

> Upon reading the recent posts on rigging, does the Manual not address
> the specifications for the vessel?

The rigging on delivered boats varied over the years. The early boats, 
for example, wrapped the standing rigging around thimbles held in place 
with nicropress fittings. You can find some generalized specification of 
the rigging on 

> I too will do a personal evaluation of rigging, thru-hulls, etc while
> on the hard in the next month or so.  I have some items easier to fix
> right now rather than wait.

As Jonathan Bresler says, be sure to check the half-inch throughhulls. 
See http://alberg30.org/maintenance/Plumbing/WhitbyThroughHull.html

> skeep

  - George

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