[Public-List] A new engine adventure...Anyone using the engine water pump as a bilge pump?

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That's good seamanship.   Your engine waterpump is a very good bilge pump. 


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> Hello all, 
> I have seen folks install a "Y" valve in the raw water engine intake line so the engine can be used to pump the bilge in an emergency. One branch of the "Y" goes into the bilge the other to the raw water strainer, then either goes to the engine for cooling with either bilge water or sea water. Sounds cleaver, but wonder about practicality. 
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> On the bright side its good to know that you have good flow into the engine 
> cooling jacket from the raw water intake. 
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>> Yep... 
>> On 2016-07-07, at 11:12 AM, Wes Gardner <wesgardner1952 at gmail.com> wrote: 
>>> Gord, 
>>> Is this a drain plug you use for winterizing? 
>>> Always exciting to have floating floor boards.... 
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>>>> Hello gang... 
>>>> Last night being Wednesday, SURPRISE sortied from the club to do battle
>> as 
>>>> usual.  The air was very light and uncharactistically from the east, so
>> that 
>>>> put the start at the far end of our end of Severn Sound.  We motored
>> all the 
>>>> way out, shut down and began the usual prestart jousting.   I¹ll gloss
>> over 
>>>> the great start we had, how MAID MARION, our arch rival, tried doing a
>> tack 
>>>> just before and never really got moving again in the very light air... 
>>>> So there we were gliding along with 0.7 knots showing on the knotmeter
>> and 
>>>> laying the windward mark due to a huge lift right at the start.  I was 
>>>> chuckling to myself when one of my crewmembers called to me Œhey Gord,
>> the 
>>>> floorboards are floating¹. 
>>>> Sure enough, the bilges were completely flooded.  We quickly pumped the 
>>>> water out and marveled at how strong the batteries were despite the fact 
>>>> that they may have spent days under water

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