[Public-List] A new engine adventure...Anyone using the engine water pump as a bilge pump?

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I misspoke when I mentioned the application of a "Y" valve. What I meant was an alternate source for the engine intake via the bilge. How that is accomplished is up to the owner. A passive "T" fitting with two simple ball valves would work fine. No pumps like trash, unless you are employing a "trash pump", ha, ha. Another reason to keep your bilge whistle clean. 

The concept is that if you are sinking you have another option to deploy. It just might made the difference to save your boat. 
Michael #133 

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is that shut off valve a ball valve(90 degree on/off)? Most that i have 
seen, even though advertised as stainless (usually chromed stainless, 
sometimes coated with teflon) the shaft driving the whole thing is not 
and that is what rusts through. Probably why you don't have a handle. 
Not repairable, but the good news is they are not that expensive. 

I have never been a fan of Y valves, it looks like a lot of packing and 
seating that is just not necessary for this application. You already 
have a seacock in the thru hull, a usable valve with a short hose and 
you are in business. 

I use my T setup for winterizing-it makes sucking antifreeze through the 
system a snap, but be aware the jabsco impellors really don't like 
trash, dewatering the bilge really calls for a good screen. On the 
theory that catastrophes are a series of accidents, overheating the 
engine due to a shelled waterpump while sinking is not a solution to the 

BTW, I am not convinced a lot of water is moved by the engine cooling 
system. I am thinking at most 4-5 gallons/minute. That can be a lot of 
minutes when the floorboards are floating. A scared man and a bucket 
makes the best bilge pump. 

Michael Grosh 


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