[Public-List] Shaft Log / Stern Tube

Hernán Scarnichia via Public-List public-list at lists.alberg30.org
Tue Jul 12 18:11:30 PDT 2016

#414  developed a leak on the shaft log or stern tube. not on the stuffing
box or the hose but where the bronze tube meets the inside of the hull/keel.
Looking back above the engine and below the under-cockpit fuel tank I can
barely see the shaft log and a trickle/spray of water coming from where the
shaft log enters the hull/keel, the spray seems to be aimed forward,
parallel to the shaft log.
The leak seems to be worse when the engine is in gear and there is more
vibration and slows down after a day or so in the slip.

I'm thinking that there are two possible problems:
 A) the sealant between hull and shaft log has failed. In this case I could
wait until winter haul out as the bearing housing is secured by 2 bolts
that should keep everything in place.
 B) the bronze shaft log has cracked or corroded. This would need a more
urgent haul out but seems more unlikely

I remember some discussion on this list a while back and was wondering if
some of you that have already dealt with this problem could offer some
did you find corrosion or cracking problems on the shaft log?
did you replace the shaft log? if so what did you replace it with?
Any other general advice on how to tackle this would be welcome.


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